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Diversity in Art – Painting Exhibition

Diversity in Art – Painting Exhibition

You want to redecorate? Missing that piece that will spice up your place? You want to network with young talented artists?


On November 16 at 5 pm, Africanbyart will be holding its first FREE art exhibition where we will be displaying a range of paintings from 4 artists. The artwork will be up for sale and there will be refreshments for all guests!

If you can not make our event but would like to buy paintings then please send a message to contact@africanbyart.com

We will be posting all the paintings afterward on our Instagram

Please come along for a browse to show us your support!




– Ellustrates > Instagram page here

– Elisha Glass IV > Instagram page here

– Sandrine Saint Louis > Instagram page here

– Amah Dongo > Instagram page here

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